Each year flying termites swarm throughout Florida. Especially our local areas of Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers, and Cape Coral. Swarming termites are often mistaken for flying ants. If you live in Collier County or Lee County, you’ve probably seen your share of subterranean termites or dry wood termites. And if you’ve experienced the level of damage they can cause you to know first hand just how expensive the repairs and termite control can be. 

Termites cause over 5 BILLION DOLLARS of damage each year in the USA! That means that the average homeowner may expect to spend upwards of $3,000 just to repair termite damage on their home. Termite protection isn’t always affordable either. We recognize that. Homeowners spend roughly $1000 (or more in most cases) for initial preventative termite protection. However, Certified Pest Control believes in providing quality termite protection at a cost that should fit nearly everyone’s budget. We think everyone should have the opportunity to protect their most valuable asset, their home (or business). Call us now at 239-877-4041 to find out more about our TERMITE PREVENTATIVE PROTECTION PROGRAM!

We will protect your home from Subterranean Termites by using our proven system at a cost that is sure to pay for itself over and over again. Best of all, our annual renewal fees are much less than our competitors without lacking quality. We stand behind our termite protection and back it with our CERTIFIED GUARANTEE! 
Certified Pest Control knows that termites are one of the most destructive pests around, capable of thousands of dollars of damage without you knowing about it until it’s too late. We will safely apply the right materials into their hiding places within your home or business. Schedule A Termite Treatment today or call us for a FREE estimate on our guaranteed services.

Do you want a BETTER alternative to the traditional termite inspection method of tapping on walls and a visual inspection?

We have the solution for you! Using our specialized scanning device, we’ll find termites and other pests in your home that are hidden behind your walls.


We use the unique Termatrac®T3i – the only device in the world that detects termites or pest movement through and behind any walls, ceilings, or roof areas*. We can show you this movement on a screen.

How it works?

Termatrac® T3i with its unique radar, thermal and moisture sensors:

  • Pinpoints the exact location of termite & pest activity and/or movement.
  • Backed with a printed report on all findings upon request.

Peace of Mind

  • We will find the termites and we can show you proof they are gone. You can see it for yourself with the Termatrac®T3i.
  • No one else offers this in our area.
  • No inspection damage. Using the Termatrac®T3i, we don’t have to cut into walls to find termites.
  • Greener Approach
  • No more Tent Fumigation Needed

The Termatrac®T3i pinpoints the exact location of hidden termites allowing us to treat with
fewer chemicals. Making our no-tent termite treatment less of an impact on our environment.
You also no longer need to pay hotel fees just to have your home treated for termites. We can
typically complete our No-Tent Termite Treatment in one day.